mackage 22/01/2020

Canadian Culture : MACKAGE 2020

Mackage the brand was founded in Monteal, Canada in 1999 by Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan. Infamous for the stylish yet functional outerwear, the brand is one of the most famous Canada has to offer. The focus of the brand was clear as soon as Mackage was established. To elevate the style of functional outerwhere. Mackage specialises in using the finest quality of leather, down and wool to craft sleek, stylish and sophisticated sillhouette. Enjoyed our Mackage blog? Have you checked out our Instagram page yet? We have the most exciting celebrity... Read More

gucci 18/01/2020

GUCCI GANG: Spring Summer 2020

As a young immigrant and hotel worker in Paris and later in The Savoy Hotel in London, Guccio Gucci noticed the luxury luggage that the wealthy men and women would often use, and this impressed and inspired him. It wasn't long before Guccio returned to his home city of Florence in Italy and set up his own luxury leather goods store. The ancient and beautiful city of Florence is famous for their artistry, fine fabrics and craftsmanship. Together with his three sons; Aldo, Vasco and Rudolfo Gucci. This is when... Read More


Britain Made Barbour: Spring Summer Mens 2020 Drop

The Barbour & Sons brand quickly became international, as by 1908 pre World War 1 Malcolm Barbour produced the first mail-order catalogue. This very modern move eventually grew to account for 75% of the business by 1917. This rapid evolution of the brand allowed Barbour to be sold overseas more easily and was regularly shipping international orders as far away as Chile, South Africa and Hong Kong. In 1939 Duncan Barbour was called away to war, and the running of the business was left to his father Malcolm and his... Read More

burberry 27/12/2019

A British Brand Legend : Burberry London

Originally established in London in 1856 by Thomas Burberry primarily focussing on outerwear for the rich middle-class city dwellers of London. Burberry remained a family run business for over 100 years until 1955. Now their infamous trench coat and check pattern are recognized internationally as British symbols. Shop Circle Fashions iconic range of Burberry London's men's clothing. From the iconic winter accessories to the signature trench coat. Enjoyed our Burberry blog? Have you checked out our Instagram page yet? We have the most exciting celebrity collaborations and competitions running every month! Like Moncler? Check... Read More

bel staff 20/12/2019

Belstaff The British Brand : Mens 2020

Founded in post world war one Britain by Eli Belovitch and his son-in-law Harry Grosberg in Stoke-on-Trent in 1924. Belstaff was first designed as a luxury leather and waterproof motorcycle brand taking inspiration from recent military-style uniforms worn across the channel during the war. The iconic and now globally recognized name of Belstaff was developed using a combination of the founder Eli Belovitch's surname and Staffordshire, the brand's​ home county where it was founded. Circle Fashion has had the privilege of housing the British Brand Belstaff for almost a decade.... Read More

Paul smith 12/12/2019

Paul Smith Mens 2020: Historic Tailoring

Sir Paul Smith, a once fanatical cyclist. was knighted by Queen Elizabeth of England in the year 2000 for his outstanding contributions to fashion, by which point his own company had feen founded 30 years prior. Paul Smith founded his men's fashion brand in London in 1970. Paul Smith was initially founded solely to provide the men's fashion industry with a classic and tailored style which has become legendary when finished off with the iconic Paul Smith stripe. Circle Fashion has housed this iconic British brand for over ten years... Read More

Armani 05/12/2019

NEW 2020! The Many Collections Of Armani

Founded by the infamous Italian designer Giorgio Armani who headed the luxury Italian fashion house notorious known for their Haute couture, ready-to-wear luxury clothing, leather goods, footwear and now even hotels after their collaboration with Emaar hotels. From Armani's decades of luxurious designs, he has founded multiple fashion lines such as Armani Jeans, Collezioni, Emporio Armani, Exchange, and Junior, as well as food and homeware branches. Armani symbolizes ready to wear luxury and style with ease. Enjoyed our Armani blog? Have you checked out our Instagram page yet? We have... Read More

neil barrett 03/12/2019

Sports Luxe Lengend : NEIL BARRETT

An iconic British designer born in the heart of Devon in the south of Enland as a fourth-generation tailor. Fashion, tailoring and design were in his blood. After studying at Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art, he was immediately recruited to work at Gucci, where he spent five years and was eventually appointed as senior men's wear designer.  His notable and credible career also led him to be the founding element of Prada's menswear line where he proposed the idea to the CEO of Prada Patrizio Bertelli. Neil Barret's... Read More

vivienne westwood 25/11/2019

Vivienne Westwood Mens Ready To Wear Collection: Fall & Winter 2019

"I mean, we live together and always see each other. So everything we do, we bounce off each other. It’s usually very casual and informal. I mean, we’ve worked together for nearly 30 years. Sometimes you don’t need words anymore; you just know what the other person thinks or wants." Andreas Kronthaler, husband and co-designer of Vivienne Westwood. Enjoyed our Vivienne Westwood blog? Have you checked out our Instagram page yet? We have the most exciting celebrity collaborations and competitions running every month! Like Moncler? Check out our blog for the Moncler Winter... Read More

Philipp plein 15/11/2019


Philipp Plein was first inspired to create stylish and luxury dog collars, leads, and beds featuring his now signature moc croc embellished style. This pet accessory idea worked well, he slowly transitioned from pet accessories into furniture and then ultimately into the clothing game. Circle Fashion houses the most iconic pieces of the Philipp Plein Fall and Winter 2019 collection. The Circle Fashion Buying team carefully select the most wearable day-to-day style pieces from the Philipp Plein collection to provide stylish and luxury everyday clothing to our customers. Throughout the... Read More