Paul Smith Mens 2020: Historic Tailoring

“It’s been so interesting for me seeing some of the shows, how many of them are back to suits again. This is our 82nd show. And we’ve never not shown suits.”

Sir Paul Smith, a once fanatical cyclist. was knighted by Queen Elizabeth of England in the year 2000 for his outstanding contributions to fashion, by which point his own company had feen founded 30 years prior.

Paul Smith founded his men’s fashion brand in London in 1970. Paul Smith was initially founded solely to provide the men’s fashion industry with a classic and tailored style which has become legendary when finished off with the iconic Paul Smith stripe.


MENS 2020

Circle Fashion has housed this iconic British brand for over ten years and has consistently stocked the most signature and stylish Paul Smith items. Circle fashion is also proud to state that they continually stock the iconic British tailoring line each season, providing our customers with one of the best selections of luxurious, stylish and classic Paul Smith suits, coats and tailoring in the UK.

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