Vivienne Westwood Mens Ready To Wear Collection: Fall & Winter 2019

For anybody who follows fashion, Vivienne Westwood is well known as an iconic British designer, commonly referred too as the queen of punk.

But many are not aware, that her husband Andreas Kronthaler is the co-designer and influencer of the English fashion house for more than twenty-five years.

Meet the man behind the 'Queen of Punk' and influential co-designer of Vivienne Westwood, Andreas Kronthaler

“I mean, we live together and always see each other. So everything we do, we bounce off each other. It’s usually very casual and informal. I mean, we’ve worked together for nearly 30 years. Sometimes you don’t need words anymore; you just know what the other person thinks or wants.” Andreas Kronthaler, husband and co-designer of Vivienne Westwood.

The Circle Fashion buying team carefully select the ready to wear day to day collection from the Vivienne Westwood autumn and winter 2019 men's collection.

We understand that the iconic Vivienne Westwood orb logo is highly sought after and is a British fashion staple. We stock the classic and easy to wear Vivienne Westwood orb logo polo's, Tshirts and smart shirts, as well as some more sophisticated winter tailoring.

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