Versace MAINLINE Men’s Winter 2019


“In the ‘90s there was such a specific idea of A man but, since then, fashion has evolved dramatically and today one cannot define men in just that same, clear way. Everything has changed, and today’s society allows everyone a greater freedom to express themselves with their clothes as well as with their actions. What I wanted to show in this collection are the different facets of a man, who, like everyone, dresses according to the occasion and has gained the courage that he didn’t have before. If I had to find a word that defines today’s men, it would be daring.” - Donatella Versace, Creative Director, Designer and Younger Sister of the late designer Giani Versace


The Versace mens Fall & Winter 2019 fashion show exhibited a modern image of masculinity which pushes the boundaries and traditional ideas of men’s fashion by reflecting the current concept of what is masculine against traditional stereotypes.

Every man should be free to tell his own personal story and showcase his style through his own taste and choices. The Versace Menswear Fall & Winter 2019 collection aims to create a conversation about the concept of menswear in the modern age.

It takes a significant amount of confidence for a man to challenge the current status quo in terms of style and trendsetting. Shop Versace Mainline menswear at Circle Fashion now.

Circle Fashion houses some of the most highly sought after pieces from the Versace Mens Mainline Fall & Winter 2019 collection. From the iconic Medusa and Lion head logo motifs, to silky Cuban styled shirts designed in the signature Italian Versace boldly printed and ornate style. Layer up our Versace sweatshirts and tracksuits this winter to achieve an eye catching street-style look.

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