Hugo Boss Sponsors GQ: Classic Menswear For Fall & Winter 2019

Hugo boss

Hugo Boss. Originally founded in Germany, in the city of Metzingen near Stuttgart, when the country was recovering from the first world war in 1923.

Germany was in crippling debt owed to Europe from the war, the businesses or Germany was not thriving. In a market where the goal of all consumers was to try and rebuild the country – the objective of the brand was to design, make and sell durable and functional work clothes. This was the beginning of Hugo Boss Legacy.

It was not until the 1950s when the brand’s founder, Hugo Boss himself passed away where the brand began to take a more stylish turn. Taken over by his two Grandchildren Jochen and Uwe Holy and the brand’s fortunes began to change. Starting with suits and tailoring, and then in the 1960s Hugo Boss established themselves as a fashion-conscious brand and their infamous Hugo Boss black label or their mainline collection began to be recognised. They firstly dominated the german fashion industry and began to win global recognition when they sponsored the Formula 1 team McLaren, which is now one of the longest standing and iconic sponsorships in sport.

Hugo Boss Sponsors The 2019 GQ Awards

Hugo boss
Hugo boss

The latest Creative Director of the German fashion house is no other than German-born and bred Ingo Wilts.

“I started at Hugo Boss when I was so young. When you work for a company for 10 years, you create work that you really like, which made it a good fit. The brand is always the top. You can’t do your own thing, but over the years what I liked and what was right for the brand came together. We’ve rethought the women’s line to make it more approachable and closer to the men’s side.” Ingo Wilts – citing the Hugo Boss Men’s Fall and Winter 2019 campaign.

Circle Fashion houses one of the biggest collections of Hugo Boss menswear found in the United Kingdom. Year after year Circle Fashion consistently provide customers with the German brand’s iconic suit collection, mainline sophisticated casual wear, and in more recent years, the Hugo by Hugo Boss, or more visually recognised with its red label, which boasts a sportier and more urban vibe.The Hugo Boss Black Label is the classic backbone of the Hugo Boss brand. From sophisticated tailoring of suits, structured coats, trousers and cotton shirts, to smart and stylish polo shirts, Jeans and casual jackets.

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