CP Company Military Heritage Fall & Winter 2019

cp company circle fashion

Say Hello to the highly anticipated arrival of the Circle Fashion CP Company Fall & Winter 2019 Men's Clothing Collection.

“Established in 1975, CP Company has become a brand laboratory that conducts research and design with passion and boundless curiosity. Sourcing materials from every corner of the world and continuously experimenting with new manufacturing techniques, it has in its 40-year history produced over 40,000 garments, each reflecting C.P. Company’s core philosophy – Function and Use.”

cp company
cp company
cp company circle fashion

CP Company is one of the most popular urban men’s fashion brands of the era. Year after year they take inspiration from their historic archives and create retro and throwback style re-energised collections.

“Pushing the boundaries of its tried and tested methodology, focusing on performance-driven urban menswear that utilises new colour palettes and fabrics”

CP Company prides themselves on developing collections which traditionally always encompass a unique, individual and charismatic appeal right from the core of the design process which is the fabric. This gives the wearer of the garment a feeling of bespoke design.

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By washing, printing, dying, and experimenting with the chosen fabrics at the laboratory, CP Company is able to repeatedly produce individual and pieces which hold character and expression. Every single item of the collection is carefully put through the CP Company experimental workshop during the creation progress.

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In an era where clothing is now seen as an expression of personal character and taste, with the functionality and quality of design residing further and further into the background, CP Company, however, continues to push their core philosophies of functional and useful clothing as their staple of brand individuality.

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cp company
cp company

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