Canada Goose Honouring The North : Men’s A/W 2019

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In 1957 Polish-Jewish immigrant Sam Tick founded 'Metro Sportswear LTD' which was later rebranded as 'Canada Goose' - in a small isolated factory in Toronto, Canada. The brand primarily focused on winter apparel, such as quality woollen knits, snowsuits and jackets.

“Canada Goose was born in the North and for generations, we have been inspired by its people, communities and landscapes. When translated into English, the Inuktitut word “atigi” means “parka”. In a literal sense, that’s the story behind this initiative: Canada Goose partnered with Inuit seamstresses to make a one-of-a-kind parka.”

Canada Goose still takes pride to this day on being 100% ‘Made In Canada’. Canada Goose can support and train extremely isolated Inuit communities across the vast northern Canadian planes and arctic.


Did you know that two-thirds of the worlds polar bears live in Canada?

They are an inextricable part of Canadian society. But as we all know too well due to climate change over the last thirty years, their home (the sea ice) is rapidly declining. The sea ice is the polar bears natural hunting ground on which they rely on to survive. They use the ice to hunt their prey, mainly smaller whales, and seals. Due to the rising temperature of the planet, the sea ice is melting at an increasingly rapid rate, and many of these majestic animals are starving. Our collaboration with the Polar Bear Internation enables us to do our part in the important conservation of this species. 

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As a Canadian company and ambassador, Canada Goose feel they have a responsibility to secure the future of the polar bears. Canada Goose’s heritage and design are intertwined with the beautiful and iconic nature and landscape of the rugged northern landscape.

Canada Goose has contributed over $3,000,000 dollars to Polar Bear International in their more than 10-year support.

Canada Goose has been a supporter of Polar Bear International (PBI) for more than 10 years. This organisation and their passionate and motivated team focus solely on the conservation and protection of wild polar bears and their habitat.

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