Stone Island Fall/Winter 2019 Preview Collection

We are halfway through the summer and Circle Fashion are welcoming the first arrivals of the Fall & Winter 2019 collection from Stone Island. Shop Circle Fashion's unique collection of highly sought-after pieces of the Stone Island A/W 2019 range.

Shop The iconic Italian Fashion house’s signature compass logo throughout their functional and stylish range with their signature nod to military design with futuristic style. Shop Autumn & Winter 2019 Stone Island Hoodies, Tshirts, sweatshirts and ultra-lightweight waterproof jackets.

Stone Island Down Quilted Coat Available At

Stone Island have infamously fashioned their clothing from a military-style throwback derived from a concept of industrial strength, evolving textures, fabric and tailoring taken from workwear archetypes have always been a strong concept of the brand to design and produce functionally strong garments.

Classically Stone Island favour their lighter weight jackets occasionally in their iconic crinkle effect texture along with knitted jumpers and jersey sweatshirts and Tshirts which feature each season. Stone Island offers a strong masculine colour palette throughout their collections, where we often find deep forest greens, navy and blacks. We do from time to time see eye-catching fluorescent accents or subtle faded pastels such as lavender, lemon and lime in the warmer season which often tend to be highly sought after over the classic colours.

Stone Island likes to stay true to itself with the quality of their garments and the Autumn & Winter 2019 collection is no different. The high-quality garment dyes fabrics and water resistant materials only help to confirm the quality and durability of the product behind the infamous Stone Island Compass logo. Each of the unique pieces has been developed with high-quality fabrics which incorporate thermo-sensitive heat reactivity combined with premium Gore-Tex. The military comes futuristic brand vibe continues to be favoured around the world and has become to be recognised and a fashion staple in its own right.

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