OFF WHITE Fall & Winter 2019 Mens First Drop

Circle Fashion has the honour of housing OFF WHITE Autumn & Winter 2019 collection and it seriously does not disappoint.

Virgil Abloh demonstrates his signature "incompiuto" translating as "incomplete" style throughout the fall 2019 OFF WHITE collection.

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The infamous American designer and founder of OFF WHITE  channels his visual energy throughout his collection. Often rejoicing in the unfinished and relaxing effect of the designs. We regularly see unfinished hems, vintage faded out colours, and 90’s style oversized fits. Abloh finds a unique balance of combining distinctive graphic design inspired by world-renowned historic art and habitually combining it with oversized American street style vibes, such as college jackets, loose-fitting tracksuits with an edge of grunge.

The iconic tape style logo we have seen in collections gone past is a staple to his playful take on a modern identity consistently seen in OFF WHITE collections.

off white tap circle fashion

“Humans are often obsessed with erasing their impact or trying to make something look flawless, like a beautifully laid wood floor or a perfectly cylindrical piece of pottery. I’ve always been one for things that have evidence of the human.”

OFF WHITE celebrates the unfinished and as founder Virgil Abloh infamously quoted in a recent interview with Vogue Magazine

We see Virgil’s fascination with the rough in his seasoned campaign shoots and his social media channels where he often showcases ‘unfinished’ snippets of garments and edgy off duty imagery.

Since becoming the creative director of Louis Vuitton, Abloh saw a need that OFF WHITE needed a slightly more mature direction than raw hem Tshirts and jeans. We now see collaborative tailoring and a bigger emphasis on a style which can be transcended across the red carpet. We have begun to see the recent collections subtly inching away from the heavy focus of streetwear style where Virgil is so often linked.

Circle Fashion brings you the highly sought after OFF WHITE collection for Autumn & Winter 2019.

“It helps me. At the beginning it was like, okay, it’s going to be like Jekyll and Hyde and I’ll go crazy. But I must tell you, having those in-between moments — it’s like cold and hot showers. I go back and I forget about that day I spent at Balenciaga. It freshens me. For me, it really helps, creatively. The idea of ‘creativity is the enemy’ is to do the work that is set out before you and not to improvise unless it’s absolutely necessary.” – Virgil Abloh, OFF WHITE

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